Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A week in tweets

Slummy single mummy started this over on her blog last week and I thought it was a fab idea so I'm joining in this week with my 2 year olds week in tweets (or what they would have been if she was on twitter...... or could write for that matter!)

For more entries and the a bit more information on what this is about then pop over to Slummy single mummy's blog now!

Seriously, Mum is going loopy. Pretending to speak on the phone? Lets see how far I can push this. Yep. Its official. Crazy. I just got her to speak to 'Poo Poo'

Fed up of everyone today. Why can't they get it? ALL toys are mine. ALL food is mine, ALL clothes are mine. NOT THERE'S....MINE!

Just planted seeds. Where's the flowers? Why aren't they growing. Sunflowers? Where are you??

Just made banana cakes. Are they cooked yet? I want to eat them. NOW. Maybe if I scream they'll cook faster?

Planted 'tato's in the ground today. Can't wait for the chips to grow. #soexcited

Sun is shining & Nanny's coming!!!!! Off to make Sand birthday cakes and annoy little bro. Ciao peeps.

Overwhelmed. Just met my favourite TV duo. No, not Ant n Dec. Chris and Pui. #bestdayever 

Next weeks installment from the little Bro's perspective!!!!


  1. You met Chris & Pui?! Wow!
    That is so how a two year old would tweet. Love it x x

  2. Brilliant I could see my 2 and a half year old tweeting back to him similar things including the annoyance of waiting for things to grow/cook/dry!!!!!

  3. "Can't wait for the chips to grow. #soexcited" - love this, so sweet!!

    I reckon I should do one from my teenager's perspective! Thanks very much for taking part, and hope to see you again next week.


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