Saturday, 24 March 2012

Outdoor Art

Now the weather is brightening up its a great time to start taking the indoors out!

These activities are really really simple but the kids love them.


Take your chalks (chunky ones work best) outside and decorate the garden with bright beautiful pictures on pretty much anything you can, from the garden fence to the pathways and being chalks when it rains it simply washes away (or hose it down) 

Painting with water
Or you could paint with water (As seen here). Again, literally anywhere you can, fences and walls are great. Provide the children with chunky paintbrushes (just normal ones from a DIY store) and a bucket of water and let them paint away, watching the surface change colour and darken with the water. You can then watch the water evapourate away in the sunshine! 

This one is particularly great for smaller children who may be inclined to eat chalk. No? Just my son then! Water painting is good, clean, safe fun!

No mess and minimum effort but maximum fun - just how I like it!
Try it for yourself today!!!


  1. Great ideas - you can also get them to paint with water after doing the chalking to 'clean it up for next time!' This also lets them experiment with what happens when you add water to chalk.

    1. Great idea Elaine, thanks for sharing :0) xx


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