Sunday, 18 March 2012

Book Review: Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle

Author: Sarahjane Funnell
Age Range: 3- 6 years
Price: £7.99 direct from website


Meet Phillipa and her fluffy white cat Little Miss Whiskers, the center of this lovely, well written children's book. Phillipa just loves ice cream (her cat not so much!) and gets its as a treat every Saturday from her mum. But one Saturday was slightly different. Phillipa and Little Miss Whiskers find themselves in a wonderful ice cream dreamland full of all the ice cream you could ever imagine and a huge ice cream castle with cone turrets and a strawberry sauce river. It is truly a magical place.....but I'll let you read for yourself to see what happens to Phillipa and Little Miss Whiskers on their ice cream adventure!

The book is illustrated beautifully and is just the right length for the age group it is written for. I read this to my 2 year old who is slightly younger than the age range intended but she thoroughly enjoyed it (especially as her favourite thing in the whole wide world is her white fluffy cat. She thought she was Phillipa!) The pictures on every page kept her engaged, and the pace of the story was fast enough to keep it interesting. I also like a story that is easy to read aloud to children and allows changes in tone of voice etc, luckily this was one of those (Although I did get a bit tongue tied at times with the repetition of Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory which ended up more as Phlipilap knickerbocker)

This is definitely a very girly book, no two ways about it. If you have a girly girl then this is sure to be a hit!

Rating: 4/5

Extra's: I always like to continue a theme from a really good book through to activities in the week and the website to go with this book features some lovely downloadable colouring pages and a knickerbocker glory recipe to try!

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