Thursday, 1 March 2012

An outdoor art activity

The sun is shining YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I *think* spring has sprung and it feels great to be soaking up the rays and enjoying this whilst it lasts. We've been doing the usual with bikes, playhouse, climbing frame and sand/water play but here is a quick art activity you can take outdoors for something a bit different.

Painting Stones

Whilst out on a walk in the beautiful sun, get the children to collect some large-ish smooth stones.

When you get home set out some tables in the garden with some paints. This is great as all the mess is outside so it doesn't matter how messy they get or any spillages etc. 

We made a signs for the garden. The children painted them and once dry we used felt tip pens to write and decorate. For them to be weather proof give them a quick varnish and voila! Beautiful decorations for your garden. 

Its also fun to make animals like ladybirds or bumble bees and stick goggly eyes on and look great in plant pots on the patio.

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  1. Hi & thank you for linking up this week. we have had lovely spring like weather too for the past 2 days & it has been great, but the cold spell is due back next week! I love those decorated stones. Kierna

  2. The decorated stones are so pretty. We need to make some to decorate our garden. Thank you for sharing at The Outdoor Play Party!

  3. We did this last year and they turned out so cute! But we forgot the varnish part and the first rain storm did a number on our stones!! Such a bummer. We will have to make more this year for sure.
    Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play party this week!


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