Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunny October?

Maybe a bit of an odd post but felt like I should post it seen as though we started the journey on here...

Way back in March, yes 7 whole months ago, we planted some sunflower seeds in pots and posted about it HERE.

We planted a lot and gave many of them away as gifts for easter.

We excitedly watched as one by one they started to sprout up through the soil and when they were big enough and the weather was warmer we lovingly changed them to bigger pots or put them straight into the flower beds, picking out nice sunny spots for them.

We watched as one by one the ones planted in the ground withered away.

We asked friends and family who had received them as gifts how they were doing, to hear sad news they weren't doing so well.

We still held out hope for the two we had in pots though....

They grew a little, and they grew some more. Soon they were really quite tall.

Until the bad weather hit.

It destroyed them. The pots were blown everywhere and the lack of any sunshine meant they quickly turned brown.

We were sad for a day, and then quickly forgot about our poor dead sunflowers still sat outside in pots.


How they have flowered in OCTOBER when it is so cold out, 7 months after they were first planted and 2 months since they seeminly died, I will never know. Maybe the autumnal sunshine we have had has revived them?

All I know is, they added a bit of brightness and fun to our day today. We did smile when we saw them :-)

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  1. I love it,nature can turn up some lovely surprises! Perhaps I should take another look at my veg patch which we planted in the spring and see if it has any surprises for me as that looked to have died in the bad weather too!


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