Sunday, 29 July 2012

Recipe: Simple summer berry cheesecake

There is nothing better when the sun is shining than to head to your local PYO fruit farm for some super delicious British berries (and eaten a few along the way)

Here is a seriously simple but very tasty recipe to use up the berries in a delicious cheesecake. A good recipe to get the kids involved in too. Mine particularly enjoyed hitting the biscuits into crumbs, and I particularly enjoyed arranging the berries into the union jack (feeling very patriotic after the opening ceremony of the Olympics!)

I don't faff about with measurements, just spoons, cups or packs of ingredients so you will have to adjust for what size you are making. We made 4 individual cheesecakes, I would double all ingredients for 1 large one.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Home made Salt Dough

Salt dough is so quick and easy to make and provides hours of entertainment, not only is it the initial process of making your model, but also decorating them afterwards. The end result could make a fab gift for someone too!

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