Friday, 19 October 2012

Leaf art: animals and fairies

At the moment in seems as though we cannot go on even the tiniest of walks without collecting a carrier bag full to the brim with leaves!

The different shapes and colours, so many varieties too, means that we just have to pick them up!

So - what to do with them once they are home? Seems a shame for them to sit in a box forever more.

We have so far done our play dough hedgehogs using leaves as spikes

Colour and shape matching

And leaf printing

So today we decided to make animals from them. I thought some of the leaves would make great foxes and I asked my 2 year old what she thought they would make and she said wings! Of course! So we made some fairies too!!!!
I simple laminated the leaves and then used markers to make them into fairy wings or foxes.
Below is my 2 year olds Mummy and Baby foxes. I thought they were quite cute!

Here is a selection of other animals people have done for inspiration:


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