Monday, 5 March 2012

Play on a budget #2

So it's been 2 weeks since the first installment of Play on a budget so what bargain play items have I found since then?

My main item is this table and chair which I picked up from a second hand selling group for just £4. They are fairly expensive new but this one had stickers covering literally every inch. The table, chairs & storage box are solid and so I thought even for just a crafting table which will get messy anyway it was worth it.

This is it half way through cleaning off some of the stickers. It took a while and some elbow grease I can tell you!

I have covered the top to clean it up a bit and need to get the last few stickers off the box but then it will be perfect!

So far for £4 this has been a doctors reception desk and waiting room chairs.....

A craft table

A dinner table

A cot for the babies and changing table (using an old changing mat on top, its just the right size)

And a boat

Well worth the money for all of those things to be created with it plus a little imagination!

I also managed to pick up these bunnies and egg cups which will be fab for Easter which were a couple of quid from the charity shop.

This has been linked up with Me and my shadow's Magpie Monday. 


  1. That table and chair set is an amazing find and has scrubbed up nicely. Good to see it is already being put to a variety of uses. Well done you!

  2. What a great bargain that table and stools is! I find that lighter fluid is great for getting sticky marks off - although don't leave it around for the kids to drink! :-0

  3. Wow, that table/chair set is brilliant!


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