Friday, 2 March 2012

How to create a designated childrens reading area

In honour of World Book Day yesterday.....

Weather you call it a reading area, book corner, reading den or story tent, here is a quick list of must have things to include to make your designated area somewhere children will love to spend time and enjoy reading.

1. Books! 
Obvious right? Lots and lots of books, picture books, factual books, fictional books, all at the childs level to encourage free choice in little book cases like this of even just in boxes on the ground. Main point is making sure they can see and reach them all.

2. Seating
Make your area as comfy as possible. Fill it with childrens armchairs, beanbags, floor cushions and pillows. In the winter we also have a quilt out to make it extra snuggly!

3. Lighting
Wall lights & fairy lights are great but you can also have a little side lamp. We also have a few torches which the kids find fun.

4. Cover
If you want to make your area extra snuggly and den like then organza fabric is fab for draping over. The bed canopies you can buy are also great for putting over to really make your area defined from the rest of the room.

5. Decorate
You can add wall stickers & story/rhyme related posters to the walls around the area.

6. Labels & Resources
Label your area. provides a great range of resources for reading areas.

We also have a portable CD player in our area for audio books or relaxing music.

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