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Coombe Mill: A family holiday on a farm

So, it's been a while since I last blogged. It's really been a while.

No real reason why. The longer I didn't blog, the harder it became. I didn't feel like I had a 'come back' post. Although we have had lots of fun over the past 10 months, nothing seemed blog worthy somehow.

Until I went on holiday 2 weeks ago. I had the most amazing time, I just HAD to share!

We went to Coombe mill for the week.

Where memories are made for life.

Many of you will have heard of Coombe mill already as Fiona is always around twitter being helpful and friendly, blogging about her family adventures on the farm and winning lots of awards.

I had followed and chatted with Fiona for a while but finally the opportunity came to holiday with her when we had to go to Cornwall for a family wedding. We thought we'd make a holiday of it and stay the week before.

We arrived on Monday 23rd September after a 4 hour drive, down lots of windy lanes. Coombe Mill is in the middle of no where down a lovely little valley near St Breward, with no mobile reception. How refreshing!

We stayed in a riverside lodge, Tamar, which is the cheapest accommodation available at Coombe Mill. It was bijoux in size but more than big enough for a base for the 4 of us. It was comfortable, clean and warm. For the price, it was a steal!

And the views. Beautiful, beautiful views across the river and over a fishing lake. With comfy leather seats and a humongous front window looking over it all. It was perfect.

On sunnier days, which we were very lucky to get 4 out of 6 of in late September, apparently hotter than Tenerife some days (?), there was also a little gated veranda with chair and tables.

On the Farm

On our first day there we went off to explore. We headed to the shop, borrowed some Wellies and overalls (and potty we forgot! Thank goodness Coombe mill is one step ahead of us forgetful parents and have spares available), bought some bags of animal feed for 25p each and headed up to the animals, stopping a few times along the way to explore several play areas!

We also managed to catch the 5pm train ride which the kids LOVED.

On our first night, we also enjoyed an indoor BBQ in the BBQ hut. Amazing. (Coals, firelights and matches all from the shop. Again, Coombe mill is one step ahead!)

Across the week we explored the acres of woodland, streams, lakes and more at Coombe Mill with scavenger hunts and splashing. Much fun.

Feed Runs

Every morning at 9am a tractor arrives at the car park to take the children up to the animals, with every child having the opportunity to drive the tractor at one point or another across the week. And when Farmer Nick says drive the tractor, he actually means drive the tractor. Some had full control over that steering wheel. Again, another refreshing part about Coombe Milll. No "You can't do this, you can't do that". Everything is about getting stuck in. Getting in there with the animals, collecting eggs (you get to take one each day for brekkie!), hand feeding them, picking them up.
Yes. I picked up a chicken, and a duck. 28 years old and this was my first time. I now want a chicken. And a duck. And a goat. And a donkey.....

Ok, Ok, I just want to live at Coombe Mill. Please?

At the end of the week, each child gets a certificate to say thanks for helping farmer Nick. The personal touch which helps this place stand out.

In the local area

I could literally have spent my entire week on the farm, as would the kids. There is so much to keep occupied with. But we did go and explore the local area.

We went to Tintagel, which is beautiful. Crystal blue waters, a waterfalls, a beach of shiny stones and caves to explore. Oh and a castle! Now one of my favourite places in Cornwall.
Port Issac, which is Port Wenn in Doc Martin. Again, very pretty but really quite busy due to the Doc Martin connection so difficult to park. And that was out of season.
We cycled the camel trail from Wadebridge to Padstow (5.5 miles), enjoyed some chips and a swing singer street entertainer and cycled back. The hire place was right at the entrance to the trail and was £34 for 2 adult bikes and a buggy for the kids.
And Charlestown, which was rather wet and dreary when we went but they were in the middle of filming a pirate film there which was cool.

We made friends with many of the other families over the week. The feed runs are a great opportunity for children and adults to socialise. Some other families went to Crackington Haven and Trebarwith Sands which they said were both lovely beaches too.

We even all had a big last night BBQ with other families staying whilst the kids played together on the park. Where else would you get such a friendly, family, community feel?

I honestly could bleat on all day about it but I think you should discover the wonder of Coombe Mill yourself :-)

Now, to book next years stay......

*Please note: this is not a review, I did not receive my holiday free or discounted and I have not been asked to write this post. I booked my holiday, paid for it, enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you*
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See, there she goes again being amazing. She has 5 kids. How?

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  1. Oh my I am quite blown away by this post. You make it sounds so wonderful on our farm, I think I should come on holiday too! Some people just understand what we are about and embrace everything that goes on and this certainly applies to you. It was a total delight having you to stay and I do hope you really will come back and see us again. Thank you so much for writing this and I'm thrilled it has inspired you to blog again! More posts from you please!

  2. Coombemill, most amazing place ever, my son still wears his hat with pride in fact Fiona recently sent him a bigger hat as we lost the first one and he was devastated, amazing family amazing place x

  3. After popping in for the day in the summer we ant wait to go on a proper holiday there. I in my girls would love te tractor ride. Glad you ad an amazing time and beautiful photos x

  4. I have wanted to go Coombe Mill for a while now. This post made me want to go even more. Looks like you had a fantastic time there.


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