Saturday, 1 December 2012

You, inside a snow globe!

Here's a really quite but cute Christmas craft we did last week. The kids had a helping hand in making them and they have enjoyed shaking them ever since!

What you will need:
Old food jars - washed out.
Baby Oil/ Glycerine
Foam sheet & sequins
A photo
A laminator
Hot glue

To make:
Find a good photo of you/ your child in full size, body included. I didn't have any wintery ones so added on some hat, gloves & scarf on which added a cool cartoony effect.

Print to the right size for your jar, cut out and laminate. 
Cut out around the laminated picture, being sure not to cut too close or the seal will be broken and water will get in.
Leave a bit extra laminate below the feet to fold over and glue with hot glue to the middle of the jar lid.
Cut out a Christmas tree shape from green foam to the size of your jar and decorate with sequins. 
Hot glue to the side jar (base to the opening of the jar)
Fill the jar near enough to the top and add your snow - you can buy globe snow or just use glitter. We used iridescent flakes which were bigger than glitter so worked well. 
Add a few drops of baby oil (or glycerine) which helps the snow sink to the bottom much slower.
Stir up, pop the lid on and.....

Shake, shake, shake!!!!!

Sorry for the poor photo, only had my phone on me!

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