Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An old classic - home made!

Kicking off a new series of recipes for old classic, tried and tested kids meals is good old fish fingers. Home making them as cheaply, healthy and easy as possible and where we can getting the children themselves involved in the cooking process. They love getting their hands sticky and are much more likely to eat something they have made.  

One of the children who I tried these with would only eat chicken and pizza, but soon wolfed down every fish finger in front of him at this meal time!
Fish Fingers


White Fish fillets (cut into strips)
(we always look to use sustainable fish like pollock or basa, which happens to be cheaper anyway! I happened to come across River cobbler in Tesco which I thought I'd try. Sounds horrible, tastes great. Very meaty and only £2 for 256g - enough to feed 4 children! The kids didn't bat an eye lid at the different type of fish used.)
Fresh Bread Crumbs
1 beaten egg
Lemon & herbs (optional)

  1. Pre-heat oven to 200c/Gas 6. Pour the beaten egg into a shallow dish and tip the breadcrumbs onto a plate. You can add lemon and/or herbs to the breadcrumbs here for something a bit extra!
  2. Brush a non stick baking sheet with a bit of oil. Dip the fish strips into the egg, then roll them in the breadcrumbs. Transfer to the baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. This is the bit where you can get the kids involved - lovely sticky, eggy, bready fingers!

Thats it....2 steps, yep, just two! How easy is that? Cheap, and that quick. I guarantee you won't be buying frozen ones again.

TO SERVE - Steam veg & Chunky home made wedges. (Same gas mark. Cut baking potatoes into wedges, arrange on a baking sheet in a single layer. Pour over a small amount of olive oil and bake for 30 mins.)

100% Made by the kids, 100% eat by the kids!

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