Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Café Role-Play

Turning your setting into a cafe is really great fun and it's amazing how many different activities can spin off this and aid development in ways from KUW providing a true to life setting to PSRN with paying for the items at the till and working out the bills etc.

Here are just a few resources you can provide to your children to extend their play.

Welcome to our Cafe!

No Cafe is complete without tables and chairs. We had 2 sets of tables with table cloths. 

Signage/Words - Cafe, Open/Closed, Welcome, Reserved, Opening times, payment options.

Customers - We raided the dressing up box and put different hats/bags on for different customers. We also introduced the dolls/soft toys and put them in the pushchairs to take with us. We all had purses with pennies  in and old clubcards as credit cards to pay for our food too.

We called through with old mobile phones and an old cordless landline to make reservations before hand and the tables were reserved with a sign. On arrival, names were taken and we were seated and given laminated menu's.

And we even used the chalk board as a specials board

The 'waitress' then came over and took orders with an order pad and pen and took them to the kitchen where there food and drinks were prepared.

And then when we had finished the bill was totaled up and we paid with our pennies which went into the till

With all of these, where the children are able, they can get involved and make their own signs and menu's etc with accompanying pictures that have been painted/coloured or pictures cut/stuck from a food magazine. You can use takeaway menu's to turn your cafe into a Chinese restaurant .
Another activity in preparation for 'cafe' is to make food from play-dough or salt dough to serve up or make 'real life' food like cupcakes or mini pizza's.

Using this as a theme you could visit a local cafe for a snack and gather pictures and ideas for decor, menu's and food etc.

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