Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gel Sensory Bags

I know I said in my last post that we love messy play BUT sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to get all the fun of messy play, without the mess!


Nothing is ever impossible ;-)

Sensory bags are the answer!

Hair gel - the cheap, clear ones in huge pots are fab for this, in zip lock bags. Squidgy, touchy feely fun!

And you can add whatever objects you want to contribute to the experience. We added glitter, beads and seeds but you can literally add what you like; a drop of food colouring to make a rainbow of bags, sea animals to make an underworld scene, jelly snakes to make a Halloween inspired bag.....whatever your imagination permits!

At the moment I have 2 little ones, 11 months old and 15 months old so messy and sensory play are a huge hit and we do a lot of it. The developmental benefits are massive as is the fun factor.

My son had a nasty accident affecting his hand when he was 9 months old (scar right there on his left hand!), so activities to encourage fine motor skills are a must for us and this one was a big winner for that.

I also have a nearly 3 year old. She enjoyed them just as much as the little ones, but it was good to see over on the Babycentre blog some little activities that I could add in next time to challenge her a bit further and push her development in other ways.

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