Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Small world play on a budget - Shhhhh! It's our little secret...

So you may have seen recently we've been loving small world play in the garden, and even made our own fairy gardens which were great fun to make and super duper cheap!

But, if you are not one for crafting/ DIY....... forget about expensive plastic tree houses, cottages and the like. Quite frankly, they are not only expensive but also don't fit in for a 'natural' fairy scene or small world in the garden.

No, save your money and listen up to my little secret I'm going to let you in on.....

Wooden Hamster accessories!!!!!

Yes, thats right, get yourself down to your nearest pet store for some hamster toys.....not for your hamster, but your kids!

These things literally come in all shapes and sizes from full on castles to modest wooden homes but best of all they are dirt cheap, all natural and are SO versatile. One day they could be a fairy's cottage, the next a watch tower for toy soldiers or a stable for horses...the possibilities are endless.

Here's ours. The kids love them and all of the items you see below were between £2 - £4 each from Amazon!

One day we had a fairy set up (complete with home made toadstools, sign and signpost to complete to scene)

Then the next it was a dog's home - Of Course!

And every dog needs a seesaw!

A bridge for the horses

And stables for them too!

Seriously, have a search, there is so much out there with so many small world play potentials and all for a lot less than a tenner!

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  1. What a great secret! I love your little fairy garden.My kids would be delighted to play with these.Now off to check Amazon!


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