Saturday, 25 August 2012

Random act of kindness....

 Or just plain oddness???

You decide!

I am really very lucky that in a built up residential town we are surround in the wider area by the beautiful Cannock Chase but that we also live about 2 steps away from gorgeous woodland with a few small walks to be had. 

It is lovely to be able to take the kids (dog in tow) for a little adventure and exploration without having to worry about getting them all on the bus or in the car. I seems to be used by many dog walkers and the local community in general but over the past few months I have been saddened by it's decline.

Maybe it has been the children being off in the holidays, I did see quite a few around on bikes, which may have contributed to the increase in litter, but there seems to also be a lot of beer cans and the like strewn across the path so I'm guessing it has become somewhat of a nightly meet up point for drinkers.

So Sad!

So, me and the little chicks decided to take action! Only small steps but we are hoping it may have cheered some one up along the way.

We went on a walk as we usually do. Whilst I collected any litter I could find, the children collected items like sticks, cones and stones to take home.

We brought them back and proceeded to decorate them; the sticks with glitter to make 'wands', the stones with little messages and the cones were painted golden.

We then took them back to where we found them and left them randomly for fellow walkers to find and hopefully smile at the little messages or at least laugh with bemusement. 

Here is our attempt to add a bit of 'beauty' to our local 'beauty spot'.

A small selection of the messages we left on stones.

We also added a selection of stone creatures hidden away in the grassland.

We lined the pathway with our glitter sticks decorated with roses and sparkly stones.

'Fairies live here'
We hung the golden pine cones from trees and bushes.


  1. Oh this is a lovely idea, not mad at all. I can just imagine someone's reaction when they see that stone with 'smile' on it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, Kierna

  2. These are s sweet,love this idea :)

  3. It's the little things isn't it? What a lovely idea! :)

    1. Yes, it's nice to teach the kids small steps can make a huge difference sometimes.

  4. A wonderful idea, I keep meaning to gather some beach pebbles to decorate next time we are there, but putting them back for others to find is a great idea, just hope it doesn't rain before the next walkers wonder by! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. We've painted stones lots and used acrylic paints which have been in the garden ages and never washed off.
      Grandad took my 2 yo up there today and she took him to each and every stone remembering where they were and luckily they were still in place and OK :-)

  5. I adore this idea! And the stones look fab!I NEED to do this!

  6. Such a lovely idea - It would definitely make to come across x

  7. Not oddness at all! What a lovely thing to do to make the place a bit brighter and friendlier. Did you manage to catch anyone's expression when they saw it?

    Popping over from Country Kids


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