Thursday, 5 July 2012

Home made Salt Dough

Salt dough is so quick and easy to make and provides hours of entertainment, not only is it the initial process of making your model, but also decorating them afterwards. The end result could make a fab gift for someone too!

Simply add the water to the flour and salt slowly to form a dough. If it is a little sticky, add a bit more flour. You can add food colouring or paint powder to your dough here, but we chose to paint them afterwards.
Don't worry about measurements or size of cups, it's more a case of getting equal quantities so as long as you use the same size cup you're fine.

You can literally make anything your imagination and ability allows then. Go ahead, see what you can make today!

2 year old "I want to make a snowman!!!!" 

It really was a masterpiece but unfortunately I do not have a picture of this to prove to you. You'll just have to trust me. It was a festive delight, truly. In July!

Here's a selection of some others we did, they are all ready to finish off with varnish:

A great idea to pop in a frame for a loved one....

"Look at my tiny paw print!"

We used the butterflies as embellishments for gift boxes we painted. They looked really nice.

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