Saturday, 25 August 2012

I have news......


EEEEeeeeeek! SO excited by this new venture and so glad to be able to now officially tell you all!

I was first approached by Britax way back in May, when my blog was still relatively new, and was given such a wonderful compliment that they loved my blog *Shucks* and wondered if I would be interested in being a Britax Mumbassador.

Say what? A MUMBASSADOR???? And what might one of those be???

Britax, like many other brands out there at the moment, like to get their products independantly reviewed and talked about as much as possible to help their buyers feel informed and confident in their purchases as they understand how important that is to parents, especially concerning major purchases like car seats and pushchairs which Britax specialise in.

Britax have decided on a select group of Mums and Dads to do this for them, and they wanted me to be one of them!!! 

Now, you may have noticed this blog is centred around play, activities, ideas and recipes for parents/ children/ minders. It is definitely NOT a review blog and when I set about this blog, I wanted to make sure it didn't get bogged down with reviews and kept it's aim as a 'ideas and inspiration' blog.

SO, why agree to this??

Well, there is obviously the incentive of receiving lovely products from Britax, but I can honestly say that was not my reasoning in this.

Britax are the world's leading manufacturers of travel solutions for children with an impeccable safety record in products such as car seats, baby carriers and much more.

"From the very first moment children turn life into an adventure – so if there’s one thing you should always be comfortable with, it’s your child’s safety.
Parents always have to undertake two tasks: on the one hand a careful choice of a suitable restraint system and on the other hand the constant observation of all instructions and directions for the installation and securing of the child, even on short trips in the car.
You may rely on BRITAX products: due to many years of experience in the manufacture of child car seats BRITAX offers the latest state of technology, the best possible comfort and an optimum operator convenience."
                                                                                                                   Taken from the Britax website

With such bold statements, how could I not want to put them to the test???

Being a childminder, and parent, safety is number one priority to me when looking after my children and always will be. I have health and safety policies coming out of my ears and am currently studying for my childcare diploma of which safety, quite rightly so, is a massive chunk. 

When parent leave their children with me,they want to be absolutely sure that when out and about with the children we have a suitable pushchair or car seat for their child and for me as a parent, other factors are come into importance too. How easy are they to use, store, price comfort .... the list is endless.

I feel that Britax is a successful enough company enough to not have to rely on my reviews for custom, so I feel able to give truly honest opinions on anything I test, be that good or bad. They are confident in their products and that I will like them and just want to spread the word!

The fact that this is not a 'review blog' also means that I can give my full attention to the products I am testing, and believe me, I really intend of putting them through their paces with my busy lifestyle and boisterous children!!!

I am really excited by this opportunity and hope that you will be back to read more soon with my first review which I can exclusively reveal is for their brand spanking new double version of the B-Agile.

Britax says that the unique feature of the B-Agile double is it's adjustable handle designed for one-handed steering and that it will fit through a standard doorway. It is also freestanding when folded, a huge bonus, making it easier to store.

We will see how it fairs with me and the Little Chicks soon.......


  1. Wahoo!! Congrats on your mumbassador role!
    I am also part of Britax's Mumbassador team, and will also be putting the B-Agile Double to the test MotherGeek Stylee in the coming months. Can't wait to hear how you find it xx

  2. Well done :0) Looks a fab pushchair. We can't wait! x


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