Friday, 27 April 2012

Senses in the garden #1 - Sound

At the moment we are really trying to get the garden all set up for the summer and our aim is to maximise development and fun potential outdoors.

The way were trying to organise this is to make little areas within the garden dedicated to different senses for the children to explore and play. We already have a play decking area with toys in like a playhouse, car, bike, tent etc. Normal things you might find in anyone's garden with kids.

What I want to now do is create these areas as cheaply and economically as possible to show children don't need expensive toys, just a few recycled household objects and a bit of imagination.

We will be showcasing all 'senses' areas bit by bit but at the moment it is all a work in progress. Once finished there will be our taste area in the greenhouse where we are growing a variety of fruit & veg and have decorated with plant themed posters, See area full of different pretty flowers, including our sunflowers and colourful windmills, the smell area full of herbs, lavender, curry plant & highly scented flowers, touch/feel area will be sand and water play where we have collected old plastic tubing, bottles and containers to attach to the fence for water to pour down/through with an old butler sink at the bottom to catch it all and today's showcase area in the making - sound!

In essence I have taken the idea of a sensory garden and opened it up to the wider garden and further than just the use of plants.

Garden Music
I wanted the sound area to be more than just a few chimes and rustling plants, I really wanted it to be about making music and what better household objects to make music with than pots and pans? Musical and weather proof - Perfect!

It is a work in progress still, I have ladles/metal spoons/spatulas to add slightly higher up to create another sound when a spoon is run across. 

Thats the fab thing about these, the pans may all look the same but each one makes a slightly different sound and note. The kids particularly like the 'zipping' sound of the ribbed tubing and the loud 'bong' from the brown lid!!!!

Great fun for any ages from baby right up to older children who may be able to create a more rhythmic tune from the items. I have a 10 month old and 2 year old so I put mine really low to the ground so they were accessible to the littlest of people. My 10 month old loves sitting on the grass banging away with the wooden spoon. 

Easy and cheap to achieve!

For more outdoor fun this week head over to Learning for life's Outdoor play link-up:

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  1. I love the musical garden! Amazing what you can achieve in a garden for children with a little imagination. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids


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