Sunday, 13 October 2013

A mini Autumn photoshoot

After being lured out from blogger hibernation last week to post about our fabulous holiday at Coombe mill, I was prompted to look back on my blog, what posts I did, which were my most popular, which were my own personal favourites and where is all dwindled out.

I discovered that most of my posts were in the Autumn months - Autumn: play dough meets natureDecorated pumpkinsAutumn is nighHalloween cornflake dragon nests. These were my most popular posts and my own favourites. Why is that? I just love Autumn and everything that it is about and I guess with that passion comes a want to write about it.

Golden leaves, conkers, scavenger hunts, halloween, bonfire night, welly walks, splashing in puddles, wrapping up warm, hot chocolates, stews and roast dinners, squirrels, badgers, foxes.....

The weather is so varied, which has been evident this week more than any.

Beginning of the week we were in the garden playing in water in just t-shirts, enjoying sunny park trips and walks along the canal.

And then the end of the week saw the cold take hold and the rain come down. 

But never one to let that stop us getting out....

Perfect opportunity to get some great natural shots too!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What a great post with lovely words to accompany some gorgeous pictures of your children having such fun outdoors. As you say autumn is a lovely season full of colour and natures treasures. Thanks for linking up again and sharing your adventures with Country Kids.

  2. Really lovely post & stunning photos xx #countrykids


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