Friday, 11 May 2012

Secret dens & Forest fairies

‘Cannock Chase’ is an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, and it’s on our doorstep. 

It offers an amazing amount of free opportunities to be physically active as a family/group.

Dressed in woollies and waterproofs, we
had a brilliant time running and splashing
in puddles and catching rain drops.
It’s so easy to look at the dull weather and
put the television on instead. We discovered
some little creative techniques that really
worked to get us and our kids motivated to
be active, whatever the weather.
Creating regular outdoor experiences helps
our children to get into the habit of playing,
exploring and discovering, in all seasons.
Many of us in the group never dreamed
of going out in the cold pouring rain for a
walk. Now we just grab our coats!

A day of exploration and discovery

So we donned our rain wear and headed into the beautiful forest....

In an open area of small foliage stood a small collection of very close, green trees. As we grew closer and closer we noticed a small opening, almost like a little doorway.

"WOW" She screamed and off she ran.

She halted to wait for us.

"What's here?"

"LOOK, a sign...."

Confused and pulling a scrunched up face, "But what's Fernley Thickett?"

A bit further in we spot another sign, there seems to be many, all written in rhyme....

"A SECRET HOME? But who's?"

Intrigued and full of excitement we head on it.

A Magical world of mystery and surprise

What was before us was plain to see, a tiny world all made from trees.....

"Who's house is it?" she said inquisitively.

Squirrels? Butterflies? Birds or Bees? Pixies? Elves? Let's go and see! 

"FAIRIES, Fairies, Fairies!!!!!"

Yes that's who's. There's a trail of glitter and even some shoes.

Open the door and have a peep, but we can't see fairies, they must be asleep!

"Silly Fairies have their washing out in the rain!"

Look how busy the fairies have been, making ladders and clothes all clean.

 "LOOK, moreeeee"

Look up there, right up to the sky, and you'll see a hidden home way up high.

"That's the pixies home that one"

We didn't see any actual fairies, we didn't need to. The picture of who lived in the tree's was all in their heads. Their imagination created the fairies, each one having a different mental image.

I believe sometimes the forestry commission does hide the odd fairy, but not very often and very well hidden to maintain the sense of mystery and surprise.

Such wonder and delight....

"I want a den like the fairies please"

For this home we need not bricks, this den will be made from wood and sticks.

"Here you go" she said excitedly handing me a tiny stick.

Great start!

Luckily for us, those here before us had already started with the same idea.

So we just added to it and created a wonderful hide-away.

And after lots more imaginative play, we got creative and made art with nature.

"I made a fairy"

And when we got home, we made more forest fairies too.

"When can we go again?"

After much nagging, we went back the following week with a picnic.

"What will the fairies have for lunch? Can we take them picnic too?"

I'm not sure they'd appreciate ham sandwiches and apples so instead we dug out a tiny felt bag we had from christmas and filled it with 'fairy food' (or to you and me that's oats and glitter!)


  1. Wow, how lucky you are to have such a magical place to visit! I enjoyed this post so much. Thank you for linking to the Outdoor Play Party!

  2. Wow again, This post is magical in its extreme, this is everything I had hoped for when I started Country Kids. Just children having fun with a few adult prompts. Imagination, exercise, learning and fun and all wearing them out for a good nights sleep. Thank you for linking such a perfect post to #CountryKids

  3. What a magic adventure for those little ones (and the big ones). I always have fairies wherever I go and love that special magic they bring young children. Beautifully written and I love the photographs...more please...

  4. Wow! What a special wood you have near you!! I would have LOVED to have found fairy homes in ours! How truly wonderful!


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