Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sunflower seed mosaic pictures

You may have seen our guide a few weeks ago on growing Sunflowers? If you haven't already sown your seeds here's how: Sowing Sunflower Seeds! We had great fun doing ours and there has been some real interest watching them start shooting and watering them everyday.

We decided, as we planted quite a few seeds that we would give some away as Easter gifts to family/friends so we needed a card to go with them!!

What you will need:
Sunflower seeds
Tissue paper

1. Fold tissue paper in a concertina fashion & cut long thing sunflower petals out of yellows & oranges.
2. Find the center of your piece of card & draw around a small cup to create a circle approx 5cm in diameter. Glue over the line.

3. Stick one layer of petals onto the circle edge where you have glued, one next to another.
4. Glue the circle edge again, this time you will need to do it over the top of the petals you have already stuck down.
5. Spread a layer of glue onto the inside of the circle and stick sunflower seeds down to fill.

Seen as though there was so much interest in the seedlings growing we have been looking agead at whats next in the growing cycle of their plants. do some fab printables to aid this (as seen below)

Life cycle/growth of a Sunflower

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